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Missouri City

Residential Roof Replacment

05   /   26   /   2020

We had the pleasure of working with a local ​real-estate team;

The Sansone Group, to help with installing a new roof before closing. We installed a Morie Black Certainteed 30 Yr Architectural on this beautiful home, which will increase the value at closing.

If you are looking to increase your home value before selling, one of the biggest and less thought of projects you can do is replace your old roof. Many of the storms in Houston can cause damage to your roof. Most of the damage can not be seen from the ground, so we recommend scheduling an inspection to see if you qualify to have your roof replaced through insurance. 

To see if your roof qualifies for a replacement through your home insurance, or if you would like a free quote please fill out our free inspection form to get the process started.

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