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Has your home or place of business been affected by storm damage? Are you thinking about filing a claim with your insurance?

Here at the NCS Group we will help you every step of the way, from assisting with filing your claim to representing you when the field adjuster comes to inspect your home or business. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to have a professional at your property with your insurance adjuster to make sure everything that is damaged will be approved.


Some insurance companies are notorious for wrongfully denying claims that should be approved. The Noble team also specializes and is a big advocate in the re-inspection process. So if you think your home or business should have been approved by your insurance please give us a call and have one of our Project Consultants come to your property for a free inspection and advice on how we can help turn your denial into an approval.



A Project Consultant from Noble will come to your property and inspect the damage you have questions about. After the FREE inspection your project consultant will sit down with you to discuss different options and give their HONEST professional opinion.


Your Noble Project Consultant will review your policy and assist with filing your claim with your insurance provider.


Once your claim has been filed, your insurance adjuster will call you within the next week to schedule an appointment to inspect your claim concerns. 


The day your adjuster will be at your property to inspect the damages your Noble Project Consultant will be there to make sure everything that was damaged is documented and approved.


Within a week after the adjuster's appointment you will receive a report and an estimate of the repairs from your insurance company. When you receive those documents your Noble Project Consultant will sit down with you to discuss what was approved and if there are any supplements needed.

Time to schedule your repairs!


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